How To

Clean Hard Surfaces


How To Clean Hard Surfaces

In all the hustle and bustle of life, sometimes the more difficult to clean surfaces are forgotten  or you don’t know how to clean them. Sprayway’s Multi-Surface Cleaners will take the headache out of tackling the tough messes. Here are some tips to get you started using your new Sprayway products.

Cleaning Air-vents

Breathe Easy

Don’t forget to clean your air vents. Dust, dirt, hair, and more collect on vent covers over time, which is bad to look at and bad for your indoor air quality. Clean your vents with a duster and/or a hand vac to remove most of the larger particles. Then, spray Sprayway Multi-Purpose Cleaner on a dry cloth and wipe down the vents. Wrap a butter knife or similar flat object with your cleaner-dampened rag to slide it between vents and clean inside them.

Defeat Dust

Your wood tables are used by almost everyone. Sprayway Furniture Polish leaves a dust-free, lasting shine that will restore your wood tables back to its natural beauty. Just spray the product directly onto cloth and wipe the dust away.

Close up of wood floor baseboard

From the Ground Up

You clean your floors, you clean your countertops, and furniture, but do you remember to clean your baseboards? It’s easy to overlook them. Regularly cleaning them along with the floors goes a long way to making your rooms look and feel that much cleaner. Use Sprayway All-Purpose Cleaner on a sponge or rag to wipe away dirt and dust with the added benefit of killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

two kids staring in to oven waiting for cookies to bake

Cook with Confidence

Your homemade cookies will have a safe place to bake. A clean oven is not only safer, but ensures better cooking performance. Use Sprayway’s Oven Cleaner to maintain a clean oven which in turn will evenly distribute heat, enabling better cooking time. Just spray some oven cleaner inside your oven and wait for it to soak up all the nasty grease and grime. Don’t forget the oven racks too!

kitchen sink

Two in One

The kitchen is the busiest area of a home, be sure to pay attention to not only countertops but the backsplash surface: it is dirtier than you realize. Vertical tile backsplashes are easy to clean with the clinging foaming action of Sprayway cleaners. While you are cleaning the countertops, just spray the backsplashes as well. Wipe all of them down starting at the top of the backsplash down to the countertop edge…and you’re done!

Woman cleaning a stainless steel refrigerator

Shine your Steel

Stainless steel makes any room glow, but not when it’s covered in fingerprints. Make sure to check the grain of the steel before cleaning. It will either run horizontally or vertically. If you wipe against the grain, little particles of dirt can get caught in the crevice and your steel will lose its shine. Once you do that, you can use Sprayway Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish on it and wipe along the grain to regain that factory sparkle.


A Clean Relaxation Spaceinterior of bathroom with a bathtub and toilet

The corner of your tub can be difficult to clean. Take some cotton balls and soak them in Sprayway All-Purpose Cleaner. Let these sit overnight and by morning, you will be amazed at how clean the edges are.


person cleaning a kitchen surface with a microfiber clothDust-Free Cleaning Patterns

When dusting a room, there is an important order you should follow. Start with the highest items and then work around the room all the way until you get to the lowest point. This will create a spiral movement. Then, vacuum the room. Since the pattern of dust falls downward, this specific pattern will keep dust from landing on areas you have already cleaned.

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