How To

Clean Outdoor Surfaces


How To Clean Outdoor Spaces

You’ve cleaned the inside of your house, but don’t forget the outside! No one wants their backyard barbecue ruined by dirty patio furniture. We want you to have the best summer ever with the help of our outdoor cleaners and tips for your glass surfaces, patio furniture, and more.

woman cleaning outside glass door

Cloud Cover

When it comes to outdoor glass surfaces, try cleaning on a cloudy day. Heat will make the glass dry quickly causing smears. If this is not an option, start cleaning from the shaded areas of your home first.

open front door

Knock Knock

First impressions are everything. Don’t forget to clean your front door hardware – kick plates, door knobs, and knockers – with Sprayway® Multi-Surface Cleaner. Keep your wood grain door shining anew with Sprayway® Furniture Polish.

granite patio table

Stone Cold Clean

You may remember to give the marble and granite in your home the attention and specific care it needs. Ever wondered how to clean outdoor granite surfaces? Simply spray Sprayway Marble & Granite cleaner on marble, granite, and shiny stone surfaces. Your outdoor fireplace mantles, dining table tops, and decorative fire pit tiles are often neglected and deserve some care as well.

wood patio furniture

Citrusy Goodness

Touching up the surfaces of your wood tables, picnic benches, and patio furniture with lemon scented Sprayway Furniture Polish will give it a light citrus scent. It also removes dirt and oils from all your wood outdoor surfaces.

people sitting on patio

Set a Schedule

Plastic and resin patio furniture will need cleaning to prepare for the outdoor summer season, but don’t forget that they need cleaning during the season’s use too. Make it easy to remember by making a simple schedule to clean your outdoor furniture on the weekends before the three major summer holidays: Memorial Day weekend to prepare for the season, July 4th during mid-season, and Labor Day at the end of the season (before furniture is stored for next year.)

man power washing

Fresh Start

Make sure to use a power washer on your concrete patio before you have your annual cookout to remove stains from algae, mold, and mildew. As a tip, be mindful of your lawns and plants when spraying as you can destroy your landscaping job.

close up of a clean grill gate

Squeaky Clean Grill

Cleaning grill gates can sometimes seem impossible. After grill grates are removed from the oven top, spray on Sprayway Oven Cleaner, all you have to do is leave the product on long enough to soften all the grease that has accumulated over time. Once that’s all gone, wipe down the gates and they should be looking brand new.

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