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Tips & Tricks

Want some helpful cleaning tips to get you started on the right foot to get your house looking spick and span? Dish soap and water are not fixes for everything. Sprayway’s cleaning tips and tricks will give you all you need to make your cleaning day a breeze. Grab your paper towels and all your Sprayway cleaning products and get going!

Cleaning Fireplace

Tending your Hearth

Keep your fireplace clean on a weekly basis during the months you use it. Leave approximately one inch of ash so it can act as insulation. This will allow the coals to heat faster and will aid in retaining the heat easier.

Car Inside

Point and Spray

Overspraying is annoying! It’s hard keeping glass cleaner off the hard surfaces of your vehicle’s dashboard and keeping the Interior Cleaner from spraying newly cleaned interior windshield glass. A simple solution: spray the cloth with the cleaner outside pointing away from the vehicle and then go where you need to use it to wipe away the dirt and grime! An alternative is using Sprayway Glass Cleaner Wipes for a spray-free glass cleaning experience.

Women with purse


Sprayway Auto Leather and Vinyl Cleaner can be used for more than car seats and furniture. Spray it on to a microfiber cloth to give leather and vinyl personal fashion accessories a protective and restorative shine – boots, belts, shoes, purses, and backpacks will look like new!

Bathroom sink and toilet

Clean Now to Clean Later

After cleaning the bathroom, one thing might still be dirty and stink up your space – the toilet brush! Prevent the stink and boost the cleaning readiness by spraying the inside of the toilet brush base with All Purpose Cleaner. Allow it to remain in the base and even pool at the bottom in a small puddle. Place the brush in the base and you are done! The brush will soak in the cleaner, remain fresh smelling, and will be ready to clean the toilet when you need it.

Ceiling Fan

Blow Dust Away

Your ceiling fan is a magnet for dust and it also makes a mess whenever you try to clean it. To prevent this, take an old pillowcase and wipe the top, bottom, and sides of the blades and the dust will fall inside! Just put the pillowcase in the washing machine once you are finished. After you get the dust off you can spray some Sprayway Furniture Polish on a microfiber cloth and give the fan blade a shine.


silver clean sink faucet knob

No More Dirty Sinks

Get those hard to reach areas in the crevices of your sink handle. Grab some q-tips and some Sprayway All-Purpose Cleaner. You can use the q-tips to get a deeper clean underneath sink knobs to completely remove excess dirt and grime.

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