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Auto Care

Let’s face it, we use our cars every day but we might neglect cleaning them. Cleaning your car doesn’t have to be such a chore because we’re here to save the day! Auto detailing and car care have never been easier with Sprayway Auto cleaning products and our 7 tips for a hassle-free ride to a clean car.

cleaning windshield

Drip-Free Clean

Cleaning the inside of your windshield is just as important as cleaning the outside. Both play a role in providing the best view for the driver. To ensure a clean windshield, grab Sprayway Glass Cleaner. Our foaming action formula means no dripping, just a simple streak-less finish.

woman sitting in car in winter

Winter Weather

During the winter season snow, slush, and salt can take a toll on your car. Change out your carpet floor mats for rubber ones to prevent staining. However, wintertime can be rough and detailing is essential to protect the interior of your car. Sprayway Auto’s Interior Detailer cleans tough stains on carpets and restores your vehicle’s appearance.

dog in a car

Man’s Best Friend

All the pet parents who take their dogs on excursions are always faced with their pet’s wet nose smears and drool dribble on their windows. Remember to clean the inside and outside of the glass windows after a day with your pet as your co-pilot.

woman smiling at children in car

Accidents Happen

Taking children and pets on adventures is a wonderful memory-making experience, but we don’t want to be reminded of the day with the stains left behind. Keep a can of carpet spot cleaner in your car to do spot treatments on muddy feet and accidental spills when they happen!

tan car seats

Erase Dirt

Hard to clean those crumb-and-dust harboring recesses of the cup holders, door lock controls, and vehicle consoles? Spray a bit of Sprayway Auto Interior Cleaner on a microfiber towel and drape it over the end of a clean pencil eraser tip. Hold it in place and use the end of the covered eraser tip to clean the dust and dirt filled corners and edges in the hard surfaces of your car interior.

car cup holders

Sock it

Everything goes into your cup holders from soda to coffee and lip balm to wrappers. In other words, trash and gunk galore. Skip the elbow grease! An easy fix to cleaning that hard to reach place is to take a travel mug or cup and stick an old sock over it. Spray some Multi-Purpose cleaner and wipe the grime away!

cleaning car windshield

Avoid Ammonia

Avoid using ammonia cleaners on any of your vehicles glass surfaces. Not only does ammonia often leaves huge streaks across the glass, but it can also affect car parts. Ammonia is known to dry out materials such as plastic and rubber which can impact the grip on the glass.


Utilize Your Resources paint brush being used to clean air vent dust in automotive vehicle

Cleaning your car air vents is a lot easier than you think. Instead of going out of your way to buy special tools, you can use any clean makeup or small paint brush to get all of the dust out. Place your brush into the cracks and make sure to get all the excess dust out.


Dust-free vacuum being used to clean dust out of air vent in vehicle

As you dust your air vents, try to vacuum as the brush releases all the dust into the interior of the car. The air vents are a magnet for dust and without vacuuming; you may not be able to get all of it out of your car, resulting in dust throughout your vehicle.


man cleaning car window with a microfiber cloth Don’t Miss a Spot

When cleaning the exterior of your car windows, don’t forget to get every part of the window. If you roll it down part way, you may see a line of grime along the top quarter-inch of the window. Do not overlook this while detailing your car and make sure to give it a swipe.

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